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The Story

The Conquest of Canaan is a ten-book series of the return of the Israelites to their ancestral homeland. After 400 years of slavery in Egypt and 40 years of nomadic lifestyle in the vast southern desert, the Israelites under the leadership of Moses are eager to return to Canaan, the land settled by their great ancestor Abraham, but now inhibited by various groups of corrupt and vicious nations. Spurred on by the promises of God, the Israelites begin to push northward towards Canaan, but are stopped by the warlike Amorites. On the eve of battle, though, the aging Moses gives leadership of the vast nation of Nomads to Joshua, as the first general of the sons of Jacob, now known as the twelve tribes of Israel. Joshua must now unite the tribes, prepare them to face ruthless foes, and lead them in battle against impossible odds. Much of the story is experiences through young Israelite warriors, Salmon, and Tola, who personally struggle with the modern vices of the people of Canaan. Joshua, however, will have his faith stretched to the limit and the will of the Israelites pushed to the brink when they finally face the key to the Conquest of Canaan: the indomitable fortress of Jericho.

Book 1:
The Battle with the Amorites

The Israelite conquest came at a time when Egyptian control of Canaan was weakened. The battle of the Amorites is the first of ten graphic novels that tell the story of Joshua, who became the new leader of the Israelites after the death of Moses.  After the ambassadors of peace are killed by King Sihon, Rahab, a Midianite harlot,  shares her eye witness account with Moses and Joshua, which leads to the first military campaign in the sparsely populated central highlands.




Amir Kovacs

Kovacs is known for his versatility as he is for his creativity, Amir Kovacs background is his success. Kovacs was born Amir Zeev Kovacs on February 12th, 1972, in Haifa, Israel where he lived until he was 22 years old. During his teenage years, Kovacs developed a strong relationship with his paternal grandmother, a woman who rose above the atrocities and preserved the future of her family, by escaping the Holocaust. As a teenager Amir skipped school on occasion to hear the stories of that era, most of which were ironically about the challenges she faced after the war. Her stories instilled a sense of ideology and connection to his homeland of Israel. During that time Amir also spent two years in South Africa, during the Apartheid, where he developed a strong connection to the primitive landscape of the African culture. After returning to Israel, he graduated with an architectural diploma and joined the Israeli Defense Forces. Even though a mandatory service, Kovacs, like many before him felt privileged. At the age of 22, Kovacs moved to the United States where he graduated Medical School, following the footsteps of his father. While in Medical School, Kovacs developed a love for story-telling. He’s written 22 screenplays, produced and acted in feature films and television, but the love for his home country attracted him to write the Conquest of Canaan. The day it all started. although he never completely left medicine. It was his 6 times award nominee screenplay Goodbye Komarom, the story of his grandmother's harrowing escape from Hungary after WWII, that inspired Amir's quest to liberate mass consciousness from a perspective of helplessness. As Eleanor Roosevelt once said, "You must do the thing you think you cannot do," this conveyed the essence of Amir's philosophy toward achieving any goal, no matter how challenging


Stan Mullins

Stan Mullins (artist) is an internationally renowned sculptor and painter, who is based in Athens, GA. USA. Mullins works can be found throughout the United States, Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia, and even Bhutan. His Epic sculptures grace Sports Stadiums, public spaces and intimate paintings shine from private, royal, and corporate collections.

Mullins continues to travel the globe on a quest of spiritual enlightenment and artistic growth and development.  Currently Mullins is engaged in numerous Epic Scale commissions that continue the flame of enlightenment, Inspiration and personal responsibilty.

Mullins career and life journey reads like a Hollywood thriller and continues to be a page turner. Some of his past highlights include being invited to Rwanda to paint its peoples, animals, and environments 1993, Mullins was “eye-art witness” to the events immediately preceding the genocide of 1994 and aftermath. His works were displayed in “Hotel Rwanda” when the actual events were taking place.

Living and working in Italy in the late 1980's and his numerous commissions there built upon an already strong global foundation. Growing up in Alexandria, VA, Mullins early years were filled with frequent visits to the Nations Capital City, its world renowned Museums, culture, and of course...Comic Books!

From his first appearances on CNN in 1992, Mullins has been featured on and in numerous international publications.

With "The Conquest of Canaan" series, Mullins is thrilled to be returning to the comic inspiration of his early years.


Ken Feinberg

Ken Feinberg is an international award winning director and owner of Creative Studios of Atlanta.  Ken has produced and/or directed 13 films in France and Italy in addition to over 100 films in the USA.  His family Christmas film, "Santa's Boot Camp" won 5 awards including the Directors Gold Award at the International Family Film Festival and Best Family Feature Film at the San Diego Kids International Film Festival. 

He has had 6 films screen at the Cannes Film Festival in France

Prior to founding Creative Studios of Atlanta, Ken was an actor in Los Angeles where he worked on such series as "Star Trek Enterprise," "Charmed," "Alias", "The District" and "Buffy the Vampire Slayer."  He was nominated for a Los Angeles Drama Critics Circle Award for the stage play, "Real Life Photographs" and is also known for adapting and directed the original musical theater production of "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory" in 1996.  Feinberg graduated from the University of Georgia with a degree in filmmaking with minors in Art and Drama.

He met Mullins while studying art history in Cortona, Italy as part of the UGA studies abroad program, and has returned in recent years to teach screenwriting and acting retreats